the big box outlet story

It all started with needing to make a way and wanting to build a better community…

Owner Tim Cook has made a place among entrepreneurs and business leaders all of his life, even as far back as his days as a yacht captain. His rugged determination as an avid off-roader and truck enthusiast shines through in every endeavor. A rough road will not stop this man!

That same bold spirit for adventure and teamwork lead him to a unique place in his life where opportunity showed him a way to provide for his family and help the people where he lived.

tim cook offroad
the best bargains in idaho

Just a guy and a friend garage-sailing on the weekend…

It was a humble beginning. Just doing what could be done and setting up a few tables in the driveway.

With a unique pricing system and a warm friendly smile things grew and grew until the Captain saw a chance to make it a little bigger.

Fast forward to the old Karcher Mall! Then known as the Yard Sale Store, Captain Tim’s crew continued to find new horizons under his guidance until once again a new location on the boulevard arrived.

nampa idaho sale

The first time we went big!

Most of you will remember us from these golden days of bargains! Fifty cent Friday and all kinds of great sales kept our family growing as the name was changed to The Big Box Outlet!

nampa idaho bargains

And the bargains were BIG! REAL BIG!

We grew and grew in our location most of you know us from, but you have to go where you have room!

The pandemic and changes in property management lead us to look for greener pastures even though we knew we’d miss our new friends.

The community we built through outreach programs and donations stayed in our hearts over the long cold months until a new light began to shine…something even bigger…


idaho shopping nampa

We’re going bigger, we’re going better! We’ve found a new location at the old home of bargains in the Kmart building right on the boulevard! That’s right! The bargains are BACK!

Stay tuned to this site and our social media pages as we grow and bring the bargains back to Idaho with the best shopping for gifts and all the items you need for just a few dollars!